RaisingDigitalChildren.com was launched because we understand that raising children in today’s age of technology can be overwhelming. Just a generation ago, things like texting, chat rooms, video messaging, and cyber bullying did not exist. Similarly, identity theft, sexual predators, pornography, and violence are things society has always dealt with, but the digital age has significantly compounded these problems. Unfortunately, most of the parents raising children that are of the age to use this technology themselves were not raised in the digital world. Truly they are analog parents raising digital children! As technology has advanced, our knowledge and parenting has remained the same. Subsequently, most children and teenagers have too much freedom with their digital devices and are finding themselves in big trouble. By the time their analog parents find out what they are doing, the damage is already done. Our goal at raisingdigitalchildren.com is to equip parents with the tools and practices necessary to help you safeguard your children BEFORE they get into trouble and BEFORE the damage is done!


Matt Higgins with Family

Matt Higgins was born in Indianapolis in 1982. From a young child, Matt grew up and served faithfully in church. For much of his childhood, his father was the associate and youth pastor at their church. From 2000-2004, Matt attended college at Pensacola Christian College where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical studies. During his time at college, he met his wife, Mandy.

Within a few weeks of college graduation, Matt and Mandy were married and entered full-time ministry at Hope Children’s Home in Tampa, Florida where they are still serving. In 2006, Matt and Mandy brought two children into their home to live, Brittany (age 9) and Michael (age 7). In 2008, they had their first child born, Caleb, and in 2010 their second, Micah. The Lord burdened Matt and Mandy to pursue officially adopting Brittany and Michael, so in 2011, they began the process which was finalized through the courts shortly after. Today, Brittany is 19 and a student at West Coast Baptist College while Michael is 17 and entering his senior year of high school.

As Administrative Director of Hope Children’s Home, Matt is tasked with the responsibility to oversee the daily operations of the ministry. He works closely with the staff to ensure each child is properly cared for, and all their needs are met as best as the ministry can possibly do. He counsels with the children and teens on a regular basis. He also oversees the IT department for the campus including all areas of network security, child internet protection, and web filtering.

The Lord has used Matt’s unique circumstances as an administrator at Hope Children’s Home for over a decade and having teenage children in his own home at a young age to help develop this website as an easy-to-understand resource center for parents raising children in today’s age of technology.